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From Ladin, our mother tongue: “family: our story

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Albergatores dal 1962

(Hoteliers since 1962)

How did Hotel Latemar come to be?” – a question that our guests often curiously ask. To answer, we have to travel back in time to 1962, when Grandpa Fortunato planted the first seeds of the Latemar story in what was then just a field of barley and potatoes. First, Grandpa built a house with three apartments, one for each brother, which in the following years was used as a holiday home for groups. It was only in 1987 that things started to change. That’s when Grandpa Fortunato took the helm of the business, expanded the building, and transformed it into a proper hotel. It was so satisfying for him to finally see Hotel Latemar become a reality and admire the passion and dedication that the whole family put into running it each and every day. Grandpa could always rely on his right-hand woman, Grandma Maria Rosa and on the support of his three children: a cook, a waitress, and a receptionist. They say there’s strength in unity, and it’s thanks to the efforts of the entire family that our hotel continues to be so appreciated by our guests today. It sets itself apart with its pioneering spirit, attention to sustainability, and openness for new things. A unique place that has been creating holiday bliss for some 35 years!

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Hotel in Soraga: family passion

Art, magnèr, musega, sport, lengac: amor che no à fin

Art, food, music, sports, and foreign languages: love without end

The apple never falls far from the tree. Let’s take the Decrestina family, for example: a real melting pot of talents: Grandpa Fortunato, a passionate painter and animal lover, Fiorenza, our exemplary chef, and Gessica and Lorenzo with their curious spirit and love for nature, languages, and world cultures. The two youngest are a real source of wonder and pride for the family: Lorenzo helps mum Fiorenza in the kitchen and gives the traditional Ladin dishes a creative and modern touch, as well as following in the footsteps of Grandpa Fortunato and diligently taking care of the goats on the family farm. Gessica, on the other hand, is an endless source of ideas and energy and in her role as tea & wine sommelier will support you in choosing fine wines and teas, giving you unforgettable taste experiences. With a team like that, it was inevitable that a masterpiece would be created: our Hotel Latemar. Admire the decorations as well as the paintings in Ladin style created by the family artists outside and inside, taste the culinary delights in our restaurant, and let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere created by the different geographical themes in the new suites. One place, a thousand sights!

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Angern, anché & doman: adum, familia Decrestina

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: always us, the Decrestina family

What distinguishes us? Passion, attention to detail, and an open mind. Qualities that the Decrestina family have passed down from generation to generation, from the grandparents to their three children down to the grandchildren. Today, Hotel Latemar is managed by the eldest daughter, Fiorenza, together with her two children Gessica and Lorenzo with the help of her father and sisters. A large family with innovative ideas that has found a way to bring Ladin tradition and different world cultures together. A union that you can now admire with your own eyes at Hotel Latemar: Come and discover how the original Ladin building created by Grandpa Fortunato has been expanded, modernised, and embellished. Be enchanted by the new spaces inspired by the different countries that grandchildren Gessica and Lorenzo fell in love with during their travels all over the world. At our hotel in Soraga, there’s strength and beauty in diversity.

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