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Your hotel in Val di Fassa with spectacular #latemarview

Our hotel in Val di Fassa is set amongst fairy-tale scenery starring the famous, majestic Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. You’ll find yourself admiring them so often that you know them all by name! The advantage of being able to sleep in Val di Fassa? Marmolada, Sassolungo/Langkofel and Sasso Piatto/Plattkofel, Pordoi, Catinaccio/Rosengarten, and the Sella Group will greet you every morning. Even better, they’ll also accompany you during all your unforgettable experiences at our hotel in Soraga. Do you want to immortalise this enchanting landscape?
You’re not the only ones:
Hotel Latemar is in one of the most photographed panoramic spots in Trentino both in winter and summer!

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Hotel in Val di Fassa: your Hotel Latemar

Hotel in Val di Fassa a stone’s throw from picturesque villages

Val di Fassa has no fewer than seven districts, including Soraga, the valley’s oldest village and where our Hotel Latemar is located. The name Soraga comes from the Ladin language and means “over water”, probably for its proximity to the Avisio river and Lago di Soraga, which can be admired from our hotel in Val di Fassa. Just a few kilometres from our hotel, you’ll find the village of Moena – a tranquil place nestled amongst the Dolomites where Ladin tradition is more alive than ever – and Vigo di Fassa, from where a modern cable car takes you up to Ciampedie with its panoramic viewpoint at 2,000 metres above sea level.

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Sleep in Val di Fassa, where the Dolomites glow pink!

Sunrise and sunset at our hotel in Val di Fassa are wrapped in fascinating legend. Get ready to experience the phenomenon of the Alpenglow or “enrosadira”, which in Ladin means “become pink”, when the peaks of the Dolomites turn from orange to pink, treating you to an absolutely magical experience! The scientific explanation is that the “Pale Mountains” – which are made of a rock rich in magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate known as “dolomite” – are so pale that they take on rosy shades at the light of dawn and at twilight. Or, if you prefer legends, let us tell you the legend of King Laurin and the origins of the Enrosadira:

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Hotel in Val di Fassa: your Hotel Latemar

King Laurin, the king of the dwarves, had a splendid rose garden named “Catinaccio” or “Rosengarten”. One day the king of Adige/Etsch decided it was time to find a husband for his daughter, the beautiful Princess Similde. And so, he invited all of the kingdom’s princes to participate in a tournament. All except for King Laurin. Offended by the insult, Laurin still attended the tournament under his magic hood of invisibility and kidnapped Similde to take her to his rose garden. Laurin was chased by the princes and their knights and fought against them wearing his magic belt that gave him the strength of 12 men. Despite being invisible, the rustling of the rose bushes betrayed him, and he was captured. The pain of being betrayed by his beloved garden made Laurin so angry that he cursed it: His magnificent rose garden would no longer be visible to anyone – not by day, and not by night. But he forgot about dawn and dusk. That’s why at sunrise and sunset, the roses of the garden return to turn Catinaccio/Rosengarten a beautiful shade of pink.”

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WeBike partner:

emotions on two wheels

Hotel Latemar is the perfect starting point for your bike tours in Val di Fassa thanks to its dream location: right above one of the most beautiful cycle tracks in Trentino-South Tyrol. Don’t have your bike with you? We’ve taken care of that! Thanks to the agreement with our partner WeBike in Val di Fassa, our guests are entitled to a 10% discount on the rental of bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and city bikes of all models and sizes, as well as full helmets and downhill protection. Enjoy adrenaline-filled experiences on the numerous bike trails in the region and have fun racing along against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage.

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