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Harmony Week: Journey 7=6

Harmony Week: Journey 7=6

17/05–01/08/2024 | 25/08–13/10/2024
7 nights
from   €432.00 per person

Dedicate seven days to discovering an authentic harmony between the beauties of the Dolomites, a place of charm and enchantment where the majesty of the mountains blends with the sweetness of tranquility. With our extraordinary "7=6" offer, we invite you to immerse yourself in a timeless stay, suspended between the intense blue sky, the fresh air impregnated with Alpine scents and the pure water flowing from crystalline springs.

- Seven nights' stay in the luxurious setting of the Dolomites, of which 1 is free to you = you only pay 6!

- A design suite or a traditional-style room of your choice with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks

- Waking up with the warmth of the sun kissing the mountain peaks

- Relax in the new Oniro Spa for moments of just you relaxation with the dreamy #latemarview

- Exclusive romantic experiences to make every moment unforgettable (extra)

Every day, the light from the sky will paint the Dolomites with different shades, offering you a kaleidoscopic spectacle that unfolds from your exclusive room. Breathe in the pure air, abandon yourself to the charm of romantic walks and give in to absolute relaxation in our brand new spa, where the mountains seem to be guardians of age-old secrets.

The sweetness of rest merges with the poetry of the peaks, and our commitment is to make every moment of your holiday an unparalleled experience. The Dolomites are not just mountains, they are guardians of emotions and inspirations, an invitation to contemplate the timeless beauty that nature has been able to create.

With the "7=6" offer, allow the Dolomites to lull you in an embrace of serenity, while your heart fills with precious memories carved between blue skies and imposing peaks. Welcome to a journey that goes beyond time, where the essence of beauty is revealed step by step.

7 nights
Harmony Week: Journey 7=6 Harmony Week: Journey 7=6
Harmony Week: Journey 7=6
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